Dr. Tracy Kempton

Dr. Tracy KemptonDr. Kempton received her masters and doctorate degrees in clinical psychology from the University of Georgia in 1993.  She also completed an internship year at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.  Dr. Kempton began her practice in this area in 1993, as Associate Director of the Child Inpatient Unit at the University of Toledo Medical Center.  While maintaining adjunct professor status there, she moved into private practice in 1998, where she has been ever since.

With specialized training in child and adolescent psychology, Dr. Kempton’s practice covers all areas having to do with minors; however, her practice also includes working with adult women, couples, and families.  Additionally, Dr. Kempton’s value system as a Christian psychologist, allows for the incorporation of Christian principles into treatment to the extent that her clients wish her to do so.

You can also reach Dr. Kempton by email: tkempton@kemptontreadaway.com